Update on the ACT! 5.0.4 update

Software, its a wonderful thing.

Especially when it improves one's life by streamlining a process or eliminating a recurring task(s). Each new release of a software program addresses those issues which the publisher has determined need improvement. These updates also typically address interoperability issues with other software programs (they need to work and play well together).

Thus was the case for building ACT! 5.0.4. This update primarily addresses the compatibility issue with Windows' new XP operating systems (OS). Accompanying the inevitable march of progress, however, are the pitfalls of increasing complexity. The 5.0.4 update is now in its second release (technically, and I'm afraid to report, at least one major "bug" has been identified and may affect some users. So much for progress you say, not to worry, but read on.

If you are running either of the new Windows XP OS's (home or professional) you will need to update. Otherwise, ACT! will not run correctly, if at all.

If you still run a previous Windows OS, you have the choice to update or not.

Most folks in a corporate environment are running their own mail servers. For you this update is not critical, but the case can be made to update.

However, anyone using the Internet Mail client within ACT! should consider the following before updating. The aforementioned "bug" in the release relates primarily to attachments accompanying incoming e-mail messages. While the inbox will properly display a "paperclip" indicating an attachment to the message, once the e-mail is opened most attachments will NOT be available. This is a known situation for which ACT! currently does not have a fix, nor a timeframe for publishing one.

If you have already updated and found yourself in this situation (as I did), your only recourse is a lengthy process of backing up, uninstalling, downloading the update (unless saved on your system), and reinstalling. Or, you could switch your e-mail client within ACT! ("Edit // Preferences", e-mail tab, and click the "Email System Setup" button to start the wizard) to another e-mail program (i.e. Outlook or Outlook Express). Now you will be able to see and open any incoming attachments from within the ACT! interface.

To help with the process of migrating back to the previous release of ACT! (, the link below refers to a document detailing the process of uninstalling and reinstalling ACT!.


if you do not have flash
download it here

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