Locating New Contacts From a "Sync"

Many of you no doubt are part of sales team that shares information on prospects and customers through ACT!'s sync'ing capabilities. The synchronization of contact information makes it easy to reassign and exchange contact records. However, it is not always easy to know which contact records have been added to your database during the "sync" process. This week's Tip shows you how to access those records quickly and easily.

After the next "sync" you receive, Pull down the "Lookup" menu. Select the "Synchronized Records" item towards the bottom of the list. Then select the "Last Synchronized" item. ACT! will create a lookup of the last records sent to you.

Once the new records in your database have been located you can assign them to a group, give them the appropriate "ID/Status", schedule a phone call, or initiate an "Activity Series." Whatever it is that you do to start the process of selling your new contact.

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