Handling Multiple E-mail Addresses for One Contact

Is it an emerging sign of affluence, or just a sign of the times, that has folks collecting e-mail addresses as so many do phone numbers? Like it or not, it's another piece of information to keep track of. You never know when you just might need THE e-mail account that is spared the Spam and actually read by your contact.

ACT! does make possible the storage and management of the burgeoning number of e-mail addresses we now must track. The trick is not to just click into the e-mail field (that will only result in automatically formatting a blank message), but to enter the e-mail field with a right-click of the mouse. This action produces a drop down menu arrow. Selecting the "Edit E-mail Addresses…" item at the bottom of the list will produce the "E-mail Addresses" dialog box. An alternative access method to this dialog box is to tab into the e-mail field, and then hit the "F2" button on your keyboard. Either way will allow you to add, edit or delete e-mail addresses for the current contact. You will also need to select a primary address for this contact by clicking the radio button next to the appropriate address in this dialog box. This is the address that will be the shown in the "E-mail Address" data field of your contact.

There is one limitation you should be aware of. ACT! only recognizes one e-mail address at a time. The primary address is this default address. ACT! can only send, mail merge, lookup, etc. on that one primary address. However, once you have all your contact's addresses in the e-mail field, you can choose which address to be used by entering the field with a right click of the mouse and selecting another address from the pull down menu. The address selected now becomes the primary address by default. So, be sure to change it back after you've sent your message to this special alternative address.

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