Drop Down Menu Lists

As a sales person I love drop down menus. The less I have to type the better. If I can click on an item, or type just a few letters, even better. ACT! has some serviceable default menu items in many data fields, which are a good starting point. However, these defaults are not always the description(s) I need. This week's tip describes a way to customize these lists.

To modify ACT!'s drop down lists click into the desired data field. Hit "F2" on your keyboard. This will bring up a dialog box where entries can be added, modified, or deleted. "F2" will save you from the task of clicking on the down arrow and then scrolling to and clicking the "Edit list" item to access the dialog box. It is a good idea to keep your "Item(s)" short and use the accompanying "Description" box if necessary.

When your lists are complete, Act!'s type-ahead feature will make data entry a breeze.

If you ever get stuck wishing that you could choose two or more items from your menu list(s), click into the desired field and hit "F2" on your keyboard. When the "Edit list" dialog box comes up hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and using your mouse to select your desired items. Click "OK" when finished. Multiple items selected with no typing! I find this especially useful for the ID/Status field.

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